Thursday, June 17, 2010

39 years

my parents anniversary is this Saturday. June 19.

i got them a card that brought me to tears, partially because it's actually perfect wording in my opinion, but partially because it rang so true.

i'm happy to have been raised in such love and i'm happy that i learned love from two great examples. my parents are truly still best friends. it's amazing. not only have they been married 39 years, they've been dating far longer than that. i think it would be something like 46 years if we did the math. it's not that they're perfect or never have disagreements, it's just that they know how to handle them. i have yet to see anything negative in their relationship, and i'm so glad i grew up seeing such love. i know i am lucky for it and i hope to stay as happy as they do in my life. it's quite an accomplishment, and builds quite a family.

i wanted to keep the words of the card before i seal the envelope. i really like the words.

"Mom and Dad,

The story of our family
is made up of many things--
from silly jokes
to good-night kisses,
from nicknames
to summer vacations,
from hard good-byes
to the most joyous homecomings.

The story of our family
is made up of love
and time
and memory...
all the things
that really matter.

And at the heart
of our story
will always be
the two of you.

Happy Anniversary"

aw, that last paragraph makes me tear up every time. it's the perfect card for them.

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