Sunday, September 01, 2013

Getting married!

6 weeks from today i am tying the knot. i have not been a good blogger, but i like to think that's because i've been doing my very best to be a good fiance, daughter, friend, and nanny. 

so many changes. i'm leaving the city life and moving to the quiet suburbs. i know that i will miss many things about living downtown-- but it's interesting what i'll miss. i'll miss being close to so many options as far as going out to eat or drink specials or festivals. i'll miss (in some weird, annoying way) hearing noise at 2 am if i am up. i'll miss knowing and greeting people at random spots. it sounds weird but i will miss the 7-11 ladies greeting me every am and knowing exactly what i'm getting when i checkout. i'll miss the guys i used to park with at work that knew exactly when i'd arrive and when i was leaving without me saying a thing. it's always hard to lose something comfortable. it's not that the 7-11 people changed my life, but i mean, they sometimes made my morning. 

i don't want to focus too much on the negative of city life, because i am SO GLAD i spent my 20's in chicago. i wouldn't change a thing. there were times that were tough -- losing jobs, friends moving, ending up with too many grocery bags to walk home and calling a cab... but overall, i absolutely loved it. i wouldn't have done anything differently. i was able to independently explore, and also, eventually, enjoy it with my other half. it was the perfect place for me to be at the time.

i am (as ashamed as i am to say so) grown up. i'm getting married to a man that i love and a man that i wouldn't want to miss another day with. i know that it's so right and i'm so grateful for that. i met him over four years ago and i knew that night. we've already had ups and downs and i'm sure, we'll continue to do so. they'll be bigger, harder, but i can't picture a better teammate if i tried. he's actually dead asleep right now and i'm finishing my glass of wine and continuing to ponder my life situation. see, we're different, but we work. not always perfectly, but i don't believe that anyone does.

tonight i played a song for scott that i think should be our first dance. he cried. i didn't even cry. we have an ongoing joke that he only cries for people that are old and died and sports players that died. so, it meant a lot in some weird way. it also made me absolutely positive that it was the song.

wedding planning has, to me, been fun. i've enjoyed it. my mom has been so excited and fun and beyond happy and i'm so glad to have someone like her. my dad has been the same (except maybe less excited about the flowers and decorations). i've also learned a lot about people. most good, some bad. at the end of the day, i know the ones standing up with us are there for the right reasons and i think everything happens for a reason. 

it's insane that in a month i quit my job, am moving to the suburbs from a 1 bedroom apartment, and i'm marrying the absolute love of my life. i'm scared, but i think that's normal. and i am SO MUCH HAPPIER than scared. :)

here's to the next chapter!!