Wednesday, May 25, 2011


i know i haven't written in a long time. has it been over a year? probably. honestly, i've lost track.

in either case...

i love this city. chicago is the best. my favorite seasons are usually spring and fall. spring and fall are crisp combinations of the variety of weather we see here and the combination makes me smile every year.

we had a tough winter. a blizzard, freezing temperatures, etc, and everyone complains--and i can't help but think: we live in chicago? either way, i will admit we've had a pretty miserable spring so far. it's been rainy, and cold, but do you know what i love?

the sun comes out and everyone is outside. people are walking their dogs, strolling down sidewalks, sitting on patios for dinner and drinks, and when i see this happen, every single year, i feel alive and i feel more in love with this city than i've ever been.

there are plusses and minuses about living somewhere with four seasons: the minuses being enduring blizzards, digging your car out of 4 feet of snow, not knowing what the day will bring weatherwise, and paying for both heat and air conditioning at full possible billing rights... the plusses--appreciating the ordinary. appreciating that the sun is out, that the beaches are open, that we can sit outside for once and enjoy coffee or dinner... we don't take these things for granted as Chicagoioans and i love that.

it's a fabulous city and i think everyone would live here if we didn't have winter. i'm looking forward to enjoying the summer, the movies in the park, the festivals, the patios, and the beautiful parks.

i'm fortunate to have lived here in my lifetime, i love you chicago.