Thursday, October 05, 2006

long overdue.

so... where to start?

clearly i haven't been a good writer lately. writers need to keep up with their writing. and i haven't. but, my life has been crazy! anyways... let's see, a lot has happened.

first, austin texas. austin city limits. wow. kones and i had the time of our lives i'm pretty sure. austin is an amazing, amazing town. i felt so at home there. i really left saying - i could totally live here. it's so welcoming, and the town is energetic, musical, what more can you really ask for? anyways, good times all around. loved it. so glad i went.

i started grad school and i'm so happy with it... i feel smarter just by going to class. it's weird, it's so different than undergrad. i mean, people are just really intelligent, educated, involved, it's just something i'm not used to. i'm feeling good about it. i actually changed my degree to a dual degree, so i'll end with a masters in science and an mba... why not right?

work is good. not much has changed.

allison is getting married! my first purdue friend. aww. i'm happy for her. her and her husband are great together. soulmates, there's no doubt in my mind.

alright - next -- I MOVED DOWNTOWN!! only been here about 3 days, but loving it so far. loving the independence, the "having my own place" just everything. it's great. i love my neighborhood from what i know so far, i love being closer to my friends, i love it all. i thought i was going to be more emotional about my parents than i am. i mean, i really miss them, but i love having a place that is "mine." it's so exhilirating? i think thats the right word.

saw matt nathanson tonight. you know what? thats what made me write tonight first of all. secondly, i was thinking when he was singing because he really means it when he sings (and you can always tell) that he's thinking of someone. like, he wrote each song for someone. and i bet when he sings he thinks of them. the same way the rest of us, as part of being human, always have someone in mind during a love song. and no matter the year, the time, the place, what in your life has changed, that song comes on... and it brings you back. music is so amazing that way. it connects people. it's like we all have similar life experiences that we don't talk about, we don't publicize, but, you hear a song, and the whole crowd is kinda like "i understand, i've been there too." it's a great thing. i love anything that strangers bond over without saying a word.

anyways, promise to resume my writing more. i feel like this was way too long of a blog, and in order to avoid that, i need to keep this up.

in short, life is good. and i'll write soon.