Thursday, April 13, 2006

i love this

in the picture
you're right beside me
arms around my neck
eyes like you'll never leave

a love lover
a sweet thing
i know we agreed
but i think i'll call you anyway

yeah hello
it's just me
a little distance
and i lost something in between

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

old friends

i just got back from visiting annie in new york... had a great time. of course, things to share. i was thinking on the plane ride home today how fortunate i am to have old friends. like, it's weird because we're all grown up now...and some things have changed, but it's so fun how you can get together and just become sixteen again. i love those memories most.

it's so great when somebody knows you so well that being you, simply you, is enough.

when i was picking out birthday cards for annie this year, i had a hard time and eventually had to get her two, one to mail, and one to actually give, because i couldn't decide which onei meant more.

one just said: "you're in all my favorite pictures."
the other: "even the people in my life who don't know you like you, just from the stories."

both so true of her.

we had a great time. the thing is: when people ask me what did you do? the answer is, i can't really explain it in a way that would do it justice. i mean, we literally just hung out. you know? but it was so much more fun than that makes it sound. it was exactly what i needed, to get away from naperville for a weekend and just spend some great sixteen-year-old and some great twenty-four year old moments with one of my favorite people in the world...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

like the stars above

it has been forever since i've written. or at least i feel that way. it's weird, i think about it at the most awkward times, when i can't grab the computer (or a pen)... so tonight in the car i told myself, i'm going to get home, and i'm going to write. so here i am fulfilling that. ha.

just got back from a matt wertz show...good stuff. i love intimate concerts. i think there are two kinds of concerts: the summertime party get lawn tickets and drink concerts, and the small venue, you and an acoustic guitarist concerts... both have benefits. anyways...

was listening to the matt nathanson live cd which i just got, and, he covers dire straits 'romeo and juliet' which is just a damn good song to begin with, but i particularly love the line "i love you like the stars above, i'm gonna love you 'till i die...there's a place for us." and not to sound weird or anything, but i actually feel that depth of love for some people. like, i know i'm going to love them until i die. such a strong statement, but what a great feeling to have at the same time.

loving people is so interesting to me. it's such a bizarre thing how you can actually feel differently when you love someone. and i mean platonically too... i mean, i think everyone just has those certain people that regardless of what life's twists and turns may have in store for you, you have this little spot reserved in your heart for them. and you actually know that no matter what, you will love them. until you die. amazing, isn't it? i think so anyways.

i feel like work's taking over my life (i swore i'd never be one of those people...and i won't). it happens pretty quick somehow. i need to put a stop to that. too much other important stuff to do--like being spontaneous, living your dreams, etc.

i did however take the first step toward a very important goal of mine---and it's something i REALLY don't want to do. i registered for the GMAT. this scares me because, i've been out of school for about a year and a half now, and i'd say i stopped studying about 2 years ago. so, where to start? but i knew that i just needed to register for it, set a date, and get myself motivated. otherwise, i can talk myself into years and months of procrastination, and justify it! so, may 5, that's the big day. i ordered the prep book today too. i'm going to do this! i can do it. it might take several nights of me locking myself in the library or starbucks with the book, but i can do it. my application is done other than this test score... so, yeah. it's the necessary bridge i have to cross. i feel good that i at least have a date, and that i registered. now i just need to make myself study for it. :)

but life's been good to me. i wouldn't change much about my life right now--so that's always a good thing. i've been at my job a year, which i absolutely can't believe... but i'm happy that i somehow ended up in a good place.

that's all for now, i'll write again when inspiration hits and i'm not in a car... why is it always that way?

i love you like the stars above
i'm gonna love you 'till i die...