Monday, June 16, 2008

my mornings

i have a new morning ritual. i wake up every morning (okay, almost every morning. but i can't sleep in these days :) and i get an iced coffee at starbucks. and then i listen to my ipod i walk a mile in my neighborhood. it started because it was such a nice day out that i thought "it's too nice to go home!" and i walked around. and then i found that i enjoyed it so much.... and it made me really productive for the day. 

something about getting out in the sunshine. okay, and the caffeine might have a little something to do with it. but, also, i found it's really good for me because there hasn't been a single day that i've walked around without thinking about how much i love this city. and so it reinforces the fact for me that i need to do what i can to stay living here. it kills so many birds with one stone: leaving my place in the morning = exercise, getting me excited for the day, and motivating me by reminding me how much i love living in this city. 

i usually never write in the morning. nights are my reflection time for the most part. but i had a particularly good morning and i thought i'd put this in writing so i don't let this little ritual go. it's good for me.