Tuesday, March 25, 2008

at the risk of sounding cliche...

i haven't written in so long.

let's see... a lot has happened since my last post. first and foremost, i'm not in the rut that i was back then, feeling behind in life and whatnot. i've realized, with the help of a lot of good friends, family, and of course pensive thinking--my potential. it's something i've always known, but it's easy to get caught up in the mess.

i've had a lot of interviews, but unfortunately, nothing amazing as of yet. no good fit. i'm keeping at it. i'm applying to jobs every day and hearing back from them pretty often. it's keeping me busy along with school. i do love school. i'm so happy i stuck with it. i can't wait to graduate, and i can't believe it's so soon.

at the risk of sound cliche, i had an awakening on the train the other day. the train... something i used to avoid at all costs. then, i got in a car accident and now i realize how much i've taken for granted about having a car. it's really insane how used to it i am. i've had a car since i was 16, a working car. public transportation is something new to me.

anyways, the point is i was on the train after spending easter weekend with my dad. my mom was visiting her dad who is getting older, and pretty sick, so it was just my dad and i. we had a great weekend. on the train back i was looking out the window, listening to music and i realized once again how grateful i am. i have such a wonderful family, and when it gets down to it, friends that would be there for me at the drop of a hat. no matter how much i go through, i've really never felt alone. there's always someone that's willing to listen, always someone i can turn to. it's what makes everything worth it for me. i felt like i was in a movie scene looking out of the train window and just figuring everything out. i guess i've done a lot of thinking recently. i'm so optimistic about my future now. i just need to find the right fit :)

life is good.