Thursday, July 06, 2006

save your breath

pretty night tonight. clear out, a good driving night. music and windows down make me think of high school, and having nothing else to do but picking each other up to drive around. and it was fun. so fun. those were the days...
so i got to thinking as i heard these lyrics (i think this song is so beautiful):

Will you hop a train to anywhere?
it sure ain't no place like home,
where there are no strangers--
only people you don't wanna know...
but before the crying out loud,

Save your breath for the laughing out loud, again
Save your breath, for the talking all night, oh
Save your breath for the laughing out loud, ah
Save your breath

So meet me by the station,
and bring a change of heart
And smile away the old country as we watch it disappear
And pull these years apart.
And scatter from the window
to settle on the fields
And tell yourself a hundred times that forever starts today
And think how good it feels....

To save your breath for the laughing out loud--
Save your breath, for the talking all night.

i don't know. i just started to think about the way we used to talk. i mean we'd talk all night. we'd sit at omega or bakers square over coffee, or in a garage or on a back porch over beer, and we would talk...all night. and we never ran out of conversations. and i guess i don't know for sure because we were sixteen and whatnot, but i really don't think our conversations were ever fake or boring either. they were always so real. or i guess, seemed so real. that doesn't happen anymore. it doesn't feel like it anyways.

i mean i guess we progressed to the bars, and it's just kind of a different scene. harder to talk. that, and i think people kinda go their own ways when they go away to college, and come home grown up. like this little piece of you hangs on to those late nights on back porches and in coffee shops and all the places you hope stay in your town forever... but you're really kinda leading your own life now. life's so funny. it seems like you'd feel changes like that, but you absolutely don't.

then one day you look back. and no matter how happy you are with your present life, you always miss the way things were. and you can never go back. those words ring true now, my dad used to always say it to me "you can never go back amy." and i thought he was just being a dad. and now, what i feel is twenty-four years young, while what i know is, he was right.

you can't ever go back.